Established in 2018, Nourish started like anything else does, with an idea: to make organic and fresh products accessible to Eugene’s health-conscious community.

Right away, we started delivering cold-pressed juices to your door and putting together programs to aid in making a dietary shift. Juice was just the beginning and after a short while, the intention of the business was clear: to make organic, foods and beverages that are balanced for optimal health and taste.

We support our community in having better healthier choices, and those on a similar mission have joined forces as employees, & co-op members of Nourish. Our aim was to support and reinforce the health and wellness communities of the Willamette Valley.

We not only provide wonderful nutrition and the taste you and your body love, but we educate one main idea: “Listen to your body, and what it needs.” All of us at Nourish know and believe in the importance food plays in our lives. We believe everyone deserves access to fresh foods sourced with care.